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The Fontana vineyards permit the production of well-known single vineyard crus such as Villero and Bussia

The Livia Fontana winery consists of a central nucleus in Castiglione Falletto and ten hectares of vineyards located primarily near the winery and in the Bussia area of Monforte d’Alba where nebbiolo for Barolo, barbera grapes are grown, and in the nearby Roero area where the white grape arneis is obtained.

The Fontana vineyards permit the production of well-known single-vineyard Barolo crus such as Villero and Bussia. The vineyards combine young vines with older ones. Over time the estate acquired new parcels and, even more importantly, steadily augmented the quality and the attention for the caretaking of this privileged earth, attentive cultivation practices, and respect of the vines so as to obtain wines in harmony with the resources of the earth.

The results of the winery of Livia Fontana are bottles which are selected by consumers because of the quality of the product but also for the chosen philosophy of a winery that has always given preference to integrated pest management, manual processing in the cellar, and a great attention to and respect for the environment.

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