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The vineyards of
Castiglione Falletto

Fontanin is the name of our house and is the diminutive of our surname Fontana due to the fact that about 200 years ago the youngest of the Fontana sons came to live here. 

The grapes of this Barolo mostly come from the vineyards in the cru “Mariondino” and the vineyard "Serra" located in the west of the cru "Villero". The Mariondino is a Cru of small dimensions with the altitude of 300mt. It is located in the last part of Castiglione Falletto adjoins a Villero cru and a municipality of Monforte d'Alba (Bussia).


It has west exposure and is characterized by a marbled-sandstone structure with sandy veins. The characteristics of Barolo coming from these vineyards are: fine tannins, freshness and vigor that encapsulates the charm of typicality.

Municipality: Castiglione Falletto

Cru: Mariondino

Wine: Barolo DOCG Fontanin

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