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The wine is a philosophy of life, code of ethics, respect for nature.

In a bottle of wine one person may find compelling flavors, another interesting aromas, irresistible colors, emotions, memories, dreams, special moments. Beyond mere drink or foodstuff, wine is a pleasure that can make simple moments of the day special. Recounted with a glass of exceptional wine, events of life become unrepeatable experiences and their bond with reality seems to become even stronger. So if wine, for the person who drinks it, is a bridge between reality and emotion, what is it for the producer?

For the Livia Fontana winery wine is a philosophy of life, a code of ethics, a respect for the earth, attention for a particular territory, a bond with nature that is concretized in a glass. And in that glass one can taste the history of the winery and of the family that are as inextricably linked to the wine they produce as the branches are to the vine.

Add passion, love, enthusiasm and continuity, these are the ingredients of the Livia Fontana winery. This is the story of a family that is intertwined with the history of a place, of precious vineyards and a cutting-edge winery, while remaining anchored to tradition and the highest level quality.

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