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Tradition and modernity:
our winery.

The Livia Fontana winery is a beautiful example of how tradition can be complemented by a setting rich in light and charm. The winery is a pleasure for the eyes; there is a beautiful ancient part where old bricks and wooden casks recount the passion and dedication to wine vinified traditionally, and another part where the bottles lose themselves in the transparency of modern exposed supports. This apparent contrast is the synthesis of the winery.

Here, tradition and modernity meet to shine a significant light on the excellent wines of Livia Fontana. The company’s winemaking practices leave little room for improvisation; everything is controlled and scrupulously followed by eye, nose, touch, intuition and competence, all those senses and capabilities that only human beings can add to the magnificent results of nature.


The company Livia Fontana has chosen to produce its own wines with the least technical / agronomic impact possible to obtain a product that represents this particular territory so that no matter where in the world these wines are drunk, it is possible to recognize their origin.


The winery receives visits and wine tastings by appointment.

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